About Us


We are a start-up woodwork company into manufacturing and refurbishing of woodwork and its substitute. We specialize in Offices, Schools, Hotels, Estates and corporate organizations. Our potential clients are exposed to our 3D designs created using CAD Application before production and we pride in our precise, quality and affordable products.

Essentro Classics Furniture is into manufacturing and supplying of furniture related products made in Nigeria. ECF manufactures furniture suitable for different market segments and are designed and built to create comfort for our client and at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves in our ability to interpret the essence of our client’s repairs and refurbishing of furniture works. We work closely with clients to enable us to create a furnishing solution that embody their being because regardless of whether they are individuals, brands or establishments, to us each project is personal and we ensure providing customer satisfaction, price affordability and quality output is delivered.


The basic idea is to be able to design, manufacture and deliver furniture products precisely, promptly and be affordable to our customers.


Our immediate impact is to be able to solve all problems related to furniture and carpentry works in our community which goes a long way in

Having multiple small businesses all striving to be unique, innovative, and better can result in a healthy marketplace and well-served consumers.

My business would also contribute to my country’s job creation and increased economic growth and social development by providing young graduates, skilled and unskilled carpenters job opportunities in our outlined departments. We also intend to use our mode of operation competitive edge to push other competitors around us which allows for improvement in the general improvement in the furniture industry. This competitive feel within our immediate community improves economic growth of the sector.


 Our mission is to create value for our customers through reliability,
commitment, loyalty, integrity, and quality.  We want every Essentro furniture experience to be warm, and comfortable through respect and trust.

Essentro would be able to support our employees and communities with our investments and resources which are vital and plays a pivotal role to our success.


To become the world leader in all kinds of furniture production and
repairs; admired for its people, promptness and precision.


To build an integrated Furniture Company that provides a competitive edge nation wide. To provide a range of differentiated furniture to individuals, brands, private and public establishments. To provide customer